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Could Batman V Superman be Fixed?

After reading a lot of the reviews as they started to trickle out last week I had convinced myself that I was not going to go see the seemingly catastrophic Batman V Superman. Until Thursday night when I had some free time and decided to spend 12 bucks and check it out. I’ll go through a few of my thoughts, spoilers ahead obviously.

I thought that Batman V Superman was okay. That’s it, just okay. The movie had some really awesome moments, and then it had some totally head scratching what the hell are we trying to accomplish here moments.


Ultimately I feel like this is a movie that failed under it’s own weight. It tried to be a 2 hour and 20 minute movie, to the the detriment of the movie. It’s like Warner Bros told Zach Snyder, make this movie 140 minutes, and he did as he was told.

There was so much that could have been cut and saved on time, helped the pacing of the movie, and ultimately would not have been missed at all.


All of the Bruce Wayne premonitions should have been cut, because they made no damn sense. If it was foreshadowing to the Justice League movie, it was wasted, because that movie doesn’t come out for a long ass time, and people won’t remember those cut scenes. The Batman desert fight scene was literally just there for a shoehorned fight scene. It did nothing to drive the story, and ultimately was just weird in the context of the movie.

Same thing with the Flash cameo while Bruce was “decrypting” the hard drive. The biggest issue was you couldn’t understand a damn thing Ezra Miller was saying, so you couldn’t take anything away from it, and the visual wasn’t even that cool. Also, why was he wearing armor?


Another scene that just ended up being weird was the Superman trekking through the Arctic scene. Why was he just moseying along in the mountains? Was he totally tripping balls when his dad showed up? Hey wasn’t that guy dead? Hey how the hell did he get back to Metropolis in time to save Lois Lane getting thrown off a building?

I truly think there was a structure here for this movie to work much better than it did. It just needed to get to the point though. If the Batman vs. Superman fight would have been in the 2nd act maybe and they could have moved on quicker, and then established Doomsday as a real threat I also think that could have helped.


One last troubling bit, Lex Luthor couldn’t have really thought he was going to control Doomsday right? Like what was his plan if Doomsday would have killed Superman/Batman? Then they would have another Kryptonian hell bent on just destruction. Also did the movie really insinuate that Metropolis and Gotham are like sister cities, just across a bay from one another?

Oh, and another thing. They have to figure out Aquaman real quick. You could tell that Jason Momoa was holding his breath underwater, that might be an issue if uh, ya know, he has to film a movie down there.


What do you think could have fixed Batman V Superman?

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