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The Problem with Jon Snow

There were quite a few cliffhangers left from Game of Thrones season 5, and the biggest one has me questioning some things.

This post is probably gonna be spoilery for people who haven’t caught up to the show or the books.


Ye be warned!

There has been a lot of speculation around these parts about the fate of Jon Snow following his betrayal at the hands of his brothers of the Nights Watch. The ultimate conclusion that a lot of people have reached is that Jon isn’t dead and will either rise again via Melisandre or some blood magic stuff from the R+L=J crowd.


Recently there have been spy shots seeming to confirm that Jon is alive and well and furthermore, wearing full on Stark gear. Jon seems to have lived/been resurrected and abandoned his duty as the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch. Seemingly he would do this to try and rally the northern lords to take back Winterfell following Stannis’ defeat at the hands of the Bastard of Bolton.

There are a couple of logical/logistical problems with this course of thought though. If Jon abandons his post at the Wall, through whose eyes do we see whats going on there? We know that the long night is coming, and the White Walkers are going to be at the wall sometime soon. Without Jon there though, who’s going to be showing us that action, there is no one left at the wall that viewers will care about. Melisandre isn’t going to stick around with her new Azor Ahai running around. Davos sure isn’t going to hang out with Melisandre after she burnt up Shireen. I don’t see Davos as someone to take the black either for that matter.


The most obvious answer would be Samwell Tarly, but Jon sent him on his way to Oldtown, and I think he spends most of the season there/on his way there with a stop at home mixed in. Even if he were to return this season, he isn’t going to live long at the wall with Alliser Thorne and the rest of those turncloaks there.

Also, in my mind the only thing that can truly defeat the White Walkers/wights are Daenerys and her 3 Dragons, but without Jon Snow there, who may or may not be her blood relative, what reason does she have to start her conquest at the Wall? Not only that she has her hands full with Mereen and the Khalasar that surrounded her right now anyway.


Also something that may come into play is if Rickon ever actually shows back up, then Jon’s claim would be pretty much worthless unless he could get legitimized by Tommen, which isn’t happening. So I just don’t know how the whole Northern saga makes sense and plays out with Jon Stark.

What do you think? How right or wrong am I?

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