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Where does Game of Thrones go from here?

Massive Spoilers ahead, do not come in unless you are current on A Song of Ice and Fire, as well as Game of Thrones.

So I guess we officially find out next week, but I am already calling it. R+L=J is confirmed in my opinion. There is no reason to have Bran’s first walk through time be a flashback to Lyanna other than to re-introduce the character to the audience before the Tower of Joy next week. Also, it makes no sense to have the Kingsguard present at the Tower of Joy unless there is Kings lineage present.


Also, Theon. I think it’s interesting that the show is forcing Theon to head back to Pyke. I think this boils down to a couple of pretty basic reasons. This allows the show to have a contested Kingsmoot without having to cast Victarion or Aeron, because I don’t think the drowned priest we saw last night is Aeron because there was no clunky “nuncle” dropped in there from Yara. It also will allow the showrunners to streamline the Iron Islands story a little bit, rather than having Euron head inland to start conquering, he will likely head off to Mereen to meet Dany and the gang. Also, Theon going back to Pyke still gives Euron the chance to make dick jokes.

Lastly, I think Ramsey pretty much sealed his fate with the decisions he made in this episode. The other Northern Lords were only lukewarm to the Bolton’s being the ruling family in the north anyway, now that Roose pissed off the Lannisters, and Ramsey has pissed off (well pretty much everyone) the Frey’s, I think the opportunity for the Northern Lords to stand behind someone that isn’t the Boltons will present itself rather shortly and they will take it.


So other than that, what else happened in this episode?

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